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Celery Relish Platter


1. Divide 8 oz. cream cheese into 4 small blocks that are 2 oz. each, and place 2 oz. cream cheese in each of four cereal-sized bowls.
2. Let each of the blocks soften to room temperature. (You can speed this up by placing them in a microwave for a *very* short amount of time.
3. To the first bowl, add finely grated sharp cheese and green chiles.
4. To the second bowl, add drained, diced pimiento.
5. To the third bowl, add chopped pecans and chopped green salad olives.
6. To the fourth bowl, add drained, crushed pineapple.
7. Now, use a fork to mix each of the fillings in the bowls, individually.
8. Once each of them is mixed thoroughly, use a knife to spread them onto prepared celery.
9. Arrange stuffed celery on a relish tray, and add some cherry tomatoes for a contrast in color and flavor.